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Catapults are fun for kids! Supplement and enrich physics concepts while kids build various catapults and practice their engineering design process skills! Why not build a catapult? Kids love to watch objects fly through the air, across the room or in the yard. Try these easy catapults for kids activities! In addition, the materials are easily found around the house and in STEMists’ toy closet.

Excerpt from “Out to Launch” Lab Notebook, Groovy Lab in a Box

Build a LEGO Catapult

Anytime kids build with LEGO blocks is time well spent. Building is a sure way to improve the creator, explorer, and inventor in them!

To start off young STEMists build a catapult with LEGO building blocks.  Start with a catapult platform. Then, snap an arm onto a set of LEGO wheels attached to a LEGO axle.  Voila, ready to launch!

Have older STEMists create more sophisticated catapults. As a suggestion, use LEGO building pieces and a rubber band. This creates the right amount of torque for firing projectiles. offers an easy to follow pictorial on how to build this LEGO contraption.

No matter what materials kids use to build catapults, kids use their design engineering skills to tweak their creations. Each time they redesign for launch their projectiles fly further and further from where they first landed.

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