Groovy Germ Game

Currently, we find ourselves plagued with the idea of germs and how they are so easily spread. As adults, it can be confusing sometimes, imagine how it is for children. The best way to teach children about germs is through learning activities. So, here is a wonderful Germ Game for the whole family.

This activity is about teaching a proper way to wash hands with soap, why we use soap and how germs can spread from person to person.

For this GERM GAME, you will need the following:

  • Plate or bowl: to hold paint.
  • Paint: to act as germs.
  • Soap: to disinfect and clean hands.
  • Water: to rinse the soap.

Let’s begin with the basics, what are germs?

Germs: Germs are too tiny to see(microscopic) organisms and can sometimes make people sick.

An outstretched hand covered in paint.  Using paint is a great way to play a germ game and show how germs spread.


  1. Apply some washable paint on a plate, this paints represents germs.
  2. Have the first person place their whole hand in the paint. Have the second person shake hands with the first person and then look at their hands. (If you have many people see how far paint “germs” can spread by shaking hands with everyone.)
  3. When everyone has shaken hands look at your hands are notice how the paint has spread to everyone involved. This shows how germs can spread.
  4. Everyone should now wash their hands with soap. Notice how the paint is gone when you use soap and water.

We use soap and water to remove the paint and germs from our hands.

The take on this activity is to show children how easy and fast germs are passed on from person to person. How important it is to wash our hands properly in order to not contaminate (spread germs) anyone else.

When we wash our hands properly, we get rid of germs so we can stay healthy and strong.

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