Groovy Ice Hotels Inspire Backyard Igloos

Groovy Ice HotelsDo your STEMists like to build snow forts and igloos?

The engineering design of a backyard igloo can be challenging, but not as challenging as creating a hotel made completely of ice.  There are many ice hotels throughout the world.

Check out these three groovy ice hotels that will surely have your STEMists planning upgrades for their next backyard igloo.

Hotel de Glace—near Quebec City, Canada

Hotel de Glace

This groovy wonderland is only open during the winter season, and the Hotel de Glace is rebuilt with ice and snow every winter season.  Artistically designed snow suites are decorated with evergreen ice sculptures, and ready to accommodate both couples and families for a cool unique evening.  Have you ever considered sleeping on a bed of ice?  Don’t worry – warm blankets of fur and arctic sleeping bags provide warmth for a restful sleep!

Adults will enjoy the ice bar where they can make their own ice glass to hold a warming cocktail and dance beneath spectacular ice chandeliers.  And, young STEMists will make memories that last a lifetime at the Old-Time Sugar Shack where they make their own maple syrup and snow popsicles.

The Hotel de Glace is open for day visitors or overnight guests through March 28.

Snowhotel— Kirkenes, Norway

Snowhotel Kirkenes Norway

This snow hotel works on the basis that snow makes for good insulation.  The Norwegian hotel beauty will amaze everyone in the family.  Kirkenes Snowhotel describes every room as a small treasure.  Each room follows a different Arctic cultural theme.  Five meters in diameter, the rooms offer comfortable accommodation with beds that appear to be made of ice, but are actually ice block frames that hold a thermal insulated mattress.  Guest bedding is a sleeping bag graded for -35 degrees Celsius.

Snowhotel relies on snow as an insulator, ensuring that even when it’s minus 30 degrees Celsius outside, inside the hotel will remain at minus 4 degrees Celsius.   Snow and ice sculptures, created by artists from the specialist ice-sculpting Chinese city of Harbin, are lighted for artistic effect to decorate the magnificent hotel.  Ice sculpture designs are different each year.

Activities are plenty at Snowhotel.  From a Red King Crab Fishing excursion, a Husky Dog sledding trip to a hunt to see the natural magical phenomenon of the Northern Lights, Snowhotel will have plenty to keep everyone in your groovy group entertained. Don’t forget to pet the resident reindeer!

Hotel of Ice—Balea Lac, Romania

Hotel of Ice—Balea Lac, Romania

The ultimate in winter escapes, the Hotel of Ice in Romania is built on top of a frozen glacial lake.  Guests can choose from a sub-zero hotel room or a private igloo nearby.

Activities are abundant at the Hotel’s Winter Park.  Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, ice bowling and good old-fashioned snowball fights are among the festivities available at the Hotel park.

An alternative to ice hotels

Gaylord Hotels Ice Slide

If staying at an ice hotel doesn’t sound appealing, perhaps a visit to the ICE exhibit at  one of the four Gaylord Hotels may be more to your liking:

Each of the Gaylord Hotels celebrates with a new Christmas theme each year.  The ICE exhibit is a display of colorful ice sculptures with ice slides, snow tubing and ice skating to help STEMists get in the spirit of grooviness.

Check out the “What’s the Matter?” single box which is all about states of matter and ice!  Or start your Groovy Lab in a Box subscription today!

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