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Your box arrives at your doorstep hassle free! Groovy Lab in a Box is full of everything a child needs to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments. Each box activates thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through the “SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY & ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS.” Our product features all the supplies needed to complete activities, experiments, and design challenges outlined in our custom, subject specific lab notebook.

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Be sure you send us pictures and video of your un-boxings, science discoveries, and design challenges to inspire other STEMists! Share your experiences by sending us an email at share@AcademicsInABox.com

All children are natural “STEMists!”


STEM·ist /stĕmʹĭst/ n. Expert in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Creator, explorer, inventor…STEMist!

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