Our STEM Lab Notebooks Are Groovy!

Photograph shows a boys hands putting together a paper propeller helicopter with a Groovy Lab Lab Notebook open in front with the instructions visible.

Every month, STEMists receive a STEM Lab Notebook in their subscription box. Many lab notebooks are just a set of directions, but not ours. 

Our STEM Lab Notebooks are truly groovy!

Sure, our Lab Notebook has directions. STEMists will follow the Lab Notebook’s step-by-step directions for the investigation activities. However, for that month’s Engineering Design Challenge, the Lab Notebook does not have any directions. Not a one! Instead, children have to apply what they learned from that month’s investigations and use this knowledge to create their engineering design challenge project.

What’s in our Lab Notebook?

Photograph of a girl with dark hair writing in a Groovy Lab Lab Notebook with a pencil.  In front of her are squishy circuits with play dough balls and lit up LEDs.

That’s the groovy part of our Lab Notebooks. Just like an artist pours everything in her sketchbook, the Lab Notebook is where children will pour everything they are learning from that month’s STEM box activities and engineering design challenge. The Lab Notebook is the place where STEMists will take notes, draw and color pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills. It contains every aspect of their learning experience – something they can refer to again and again for enrichment and fun.

STEM Lab notebooks are meant to be groovy, and we wouldn’t have ours be any other way!

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