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August 05, 2015


Help Kids Get in the Back to School Groove with Groovy Lab in a Box STEM Projects

While summer is winding down and kids are getting ready to return to school, many parents are already wondering how they can help make the transition easier and more fun. Well, scientist, teacher, entrepreneur and parent, Elaine Hansen would like to offer a suggestion. How about a “Groovy Lab in a Box” ( STEM project?

Hansen is the president of Academics in a Box, makers of the award-winning “Groovy Lab in a Box” Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) projects. Each project was designed to motivate children ages 8 years and up to use their imagination, determination and inquisitive nature to complete a unique engineering design challenge. They are a great way to get children to have fun with the STEM subjects, while building their knowledge. For example, in the “It’s Electric!” project, children are asked to put on their STEMist caps and, using only the materials from their Groovy Lab in Box, design and build a groovy dance pad – a project in which they will learn how to build a circuit and switch. Other projects present other challenges, such as: designing and building a crane to be used by astronauts on Mars colony in the “Pulling Your Weight” project, or designing, building and launching an airplane generating thrust with a propeller which travels 15 feet in the “Fly with Me” project. All of the Groovy Lab in a Box STEM projects leverage project-based learning and the triangular aspect of long-term memory knowledge. They are being used in schools, camps and home-school settings across the nation, as well as by parents and other family members who enjoy doing the Groovy Lab in a Box projects with the children in their life.

Groovy Lab in a Box projects contains everything needed to complete all of the activities, inquiry experiments, tests and engineering design challenge. Also provided in each box is a 20+ page custom-designed, subject-specific lab notebook which guides the child through the entire engineering design process. In addition to the “It’s Electric!,” “Pull Your Weigh.” and “Fly with Me” projects, some of other projects include: “Stitch –A-Circuit,” which investigates electronic devices, circuits, wearable technology and more; “Water Works,” which explores different types of hydroponic systems, seed germination and photosynthesis; and “Moon Dance,” which investigates moons, gravity, moon phases, lunar eclipses, craters, tides, lenses and telescopes. When doing the projects with their dads, moms, grandparents, etc., the child can give each member of the family a specific STEM project title such as speaker, materials manager, timekeeper and recorder. It is and great way to truly engage everyone in a dynamic learning experience.

Groovy Lab in a Box STEM projects have received recognition and awards from parents, teachers and others passionate about advancing STEM education in our nation. Among these honors are the “Parent’s Choice Silver Honor,” recognition in Popular Mechanics’ “The 100 Wholesome Holiday Toy Guide,” “coolmomtech’s Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2014” and “as a Top Pick in the Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2014,” as well as “Approved by Mr. dad.”


Groovy Lab in a Box projects can be purchased online at: in single boxes for $36.95 – $38.95 or in value bundles of three for $88.00 with free shipping. For more information or to order a Groovy Lab in a Box project for Dad’s special day or for your favorite boy or girl, visit: Photo Caption – Pictured here are John A. Fedorowicz and his daughter, Abigail, age 12, of Virginia Beach, Virginia doing a Groovy Lab in a Box project together.


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