Press Release Father’s Day

June 15, 2015


Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea – A Groovy Lab in a Box

fathers-day-rectangleWhat Dad wouldn’t like spending quality time with his child working on a project that also provides a super learning lesson for their son or daughter? Instead of another tie this year, consider giving Dad a “Groovy Lab in a Box” ( Created by Academics in a Box, Inc. president Elaine Hansen, a scientist, parent, educator and entrepreneur, the “Groovy Lab in a Box” projects are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) projects. Each kit presents a unique engineering design challenge which leverages project-based learning and the triangular aspect of long-term memory knowledge. The Groovy Lab in a Box projects, designed for children ages 8 years and up, motivate children –and their parents…. to use their imagination, determination and inquisitive nature to complete the STEM project.

The Groovy Lab in a Box contains everything needed to complete all of the activities, inquiry experiments, tests and engineering design challenge. Also provided in each box is a 20+ page custom-designed, subject-specific lab notebook which guides the child through the entire engineering design process. There is a variety of Groovy Lab in a Box themes from which to choose, such as: “Stitch –A-Circuit,” which investigates electronic devices, circuits, wearable technology and more; “Water Works,” which explores different types of hydroponic systems, seed germination and photosynthesis; and “Moon Dance,” which investigates moons, gravity, moon phases, lunar eclipses, craters, tides, lenses and telescopes. When doing the projects with their dads and moms, the child can give each member of the family a specific STEM project title such as speaker, materials manager, timekeeper and recorder. It is and great way to truly engage everyone in a dynamic learning experience.

Groovy Lab in a Box STEM projects have received recognition and awards from parents, teachers and others passionate about advancing STEM education in our nation. Among these honors are the “Parent’s Choice Silver Honor,” recognition in Popular Mechanics’ “The 100 Wholesome Holiday Toy Guide,” “coolmomtech’s Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2014” and “as a Top Pick in the Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2014,” as well as “Approved by Mr. dad.”

Groovy Lab in a Box projects can be purchased online at: in single boxes for $36.95 – $38.95 or in value bundles of three for $88.00 with free shipping. For more information or to order a Groovy Lab in a Box project for Dad’s special day or for your favorite boy or girl, visit: Photo Caption – Pictured here are John A. Fedorowicz and his daughter, Abigail, age 12, of Virginia Beach, Virginia doing a Groovy Lab in a Box project together.


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