Press Release It’s Electric

July 10, 2015


“Groovy Lab in a Box’s ‘It’s Electric!’ Has Children All Charged up about STEM Learning”

It's Electric!There’s no better way to engage a children’s inner STEMist then letting them get hands-on. Academics in a Box, Inc.has created another great Groovy Lab in a Box STEM project. This one, “It’s Electric!” was designed to teach children, ages 8 years and older about static electricity, the structure of the atom, paper circuits and switches. Children explore electrostatic attraction in the “Stuck on You!” exercise, learn about circuitry and resistance with copper foil tape by building “Paper Circuits”, and learn about switches in the “Buzz Me In!” challenge using a door alarm with buzzer and switch. Each investigative activity is guided with step-by-step directions, but requires children to rely on their critical thinking skills in order to complete the engineering design challenge.

Academics in Box president Elaine Hansen said, “Through our Groovy Lab in a Box projects, it is our goal to get children excited and engaged in the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Like all Groovy Lab in a Box projects, ‘It’s Electric!’ provides an engineering design challenge that requires children to put on their STEM caps and think like an electrical engineer.”

The project contains all of the materials needed to complete the engineering design challenge, as well as a lab notebook providing information about the topic of electricity and in which children can record the findings of their investigative activities. The “Beyond…in a Box” online learning portal facilitates an extended learning experience and more in-depth education on the project’s specific topic.

Groovy Lab in a Box STEM projects have received recognition and awards from parents, teachers and others passionate about advancing STEM education in our nation. Among these honors are the “Parent’s Choice Silver Honor,” recognition in Popular Mechanics’ “The 100 Wholesome Holiday Toy Guide,” “coolmomtech’s Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2014” and “as a Top Pick in the Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2014,” as well as receiving the designation, “Approved by Mr. dad.”

The “It’s Electric!” Groovy Lab in a Box is available online at: for $38.95 with free shipping.


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