Graphic that promotes STEM fundraising showing diverse children playing with projects made with Groovy Lab in a Box.  In the background is a classroom setting with posters that say STEM  with a definition (n. explorer, creator, inventor....STEMist!) and a poster with the moon, a rocket and a groovy astronaut that says Groovy EDU Fundraising.  There is a window showing an airplane, a weather station and plants growing on the windowsill.  The chalkboard shows the Groovy Lab in a Box logo.  The projects the kids are playing with are a catapult, a windmill,  and a banjo.
  • Emphasis on STEM

    STEM fundraising that provides Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Extended Learning

    Learn more about each box's topic through our exclusive online portal

  • Ages 8 and Up

  • Free Shipping in the US

Provide STEM fundraising for your organization with Groovy Lab in a Box. Groovy Lab in a Box, presented in partnership with Popular Mechanics, is offering a great opportunity to enhance children’s exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) AND to raise money for your organization.

From designing airplanes, to door alarms, to making a lantern out of ice; each box activates thinking, questioning, and inquiring as we guide children through Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process. With Groovy Lab in a Box, children can create their very own Makerspace because each box is full of all the supplies needed to complete hands on activities, experiments, and design challenges outlined in our custom, subject specific lab notebook.

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