Press Me LED Card

Now is the perfect time to give a homemade creation to a friend or family member to brighten their day. With a few simple materials you might already have at home, you can design and construct a special greeting card, complete with its own little light to spread some sunshine. The best part is, it will be fun to make …

Technology in Fashion

Photograph of performer in a Faraday Cage dress with electricity flowing from her finger tips.

STEMists have done some amazing things with textiles (fabric) and clothing. Today we have clothing that changes color in sunlight, socks with aloe to soothe the feet, and fleece fabric made from recycled plastic bottles–just for starters! There are fabrics to protect people from water, germs, acid, bullets, and ultraviolet light. Textile engineers often work with artists and designers to make sure their discoveries can be turned into clothing that looks nice enough for people to wear.