Technology in Fashion

Photograph of performer in a Faraday Cage dress with electricity flowing from her finger tips.

STEMists have done some amazing things with textiles (fabric) and clothing. Today we have clothing that changes color in sunlight, socks with aloe to soothe the feet, and fleece fabric made from recycled plastic bottles–just for starters! There are fabrics to protect people from water, germs, acid, bullets, and ultraviolet light. Textile engineers often work with artists and designers to make sure their discoveries can be turned into clothing that looks nice enough for people to wear.

Groovy History: Roller Coasters

The first American roller coaster was actually a railway. The Mauch Chunk Switchback Gravity Railway (shown above) was built in the mountains of Pennsylvania in 1827. The track, originally built to send coal to the bottom of a hill, relied on mules to haul the empty cars back to the top of the hill. During non-peak hours, for one dollar, …

STEAM Education Delivered to Your Door

October 5, 2017 STEAM Education Delivered to Your Door: Ford Launches New Initiative to Engage Youth to Think Like an Engineer As part of Ford Motor Company’s commitment to STEAM education, the company is teaming up with Academics in a Box – designers of the award-winning Groovy Lab in a Box product line – to deliver an education kit right …

STEM Activities To Light Up Your Summer Nights

STEM activities for Summer Fun

Dark and eerie nights can be turned into groovy STEM for kids fun this summer. In addition, late night fun offers a chance to create memories and add an educational spark. STEMists love glow-in-the-dark activities. Why not try these 3 glow-in-the-dark STEM activities to light up your summer nights.  Blazing Bubbles Bubbles are fun for everyone, especially when they glow …