What's in the Box?


Everything You Need

Groovy Lab in a Box includes everything you need to complete all activities, inquiry experiments, tests, and engineering design challenge. Including the basics. You never have to go looking for popsicle sticks or straws or pipe cleaners ever again. If the activity, experiment, test, challenge, or inquiry requires a specific tool or supply, it’s in the box!*
*The box does not include scissors as that is an item commonly found in the home, classroom, STEM camp, front desk concierge.

Beyond . . . in a Box

This part of the box is on our website! Beyond...in a Box works in tandem with the Groovy Lab in a Box Lab Notebook. Based upon the theme of the month, children will learn all about ways to utilize actual scientific inquiry and the engineering design process.

Lab Notebook

A 20+ page custom-designed, subject specific lab notebook which guides kids through the ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS!

Engineering Design Challenge

Groovy Lab in a Box helps kids build upon their innate critical thinking and engineering skills by engaging them in the Engineering Design Process. Each month, this process rewards kids by enhancing their ability to retain knowledge and think like engineers throughout their lives.

Slide Retro photograph that shows a boy wearing goggles controlling a robot with a Groovy Lab in a Box beside him. STEM•ist /stĕmʹĭst/ n. Expert in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Creator, inventor, maker…STEMist! Slide "Fun and creative projects to keep your kids engaged with STEM-type activities even after school!" -supadupa Slide "My kids love this subscription box. I love that it keeps them engaged and thinking like an engineer. There is so much to do and lasts for the entire month, plus all the materials are included so I don't have to go hunting for extra." -lovinglife Slide "Thank you!!! We have purchased 3 kits so far for my homeschooled kids. I have saved so much time and energy by having the projects written for me and the supplies gathered in one box. Kids are enjoying, mom has pressed the easy button." -Kris Mazy Slide "Groovy Lab In A Box had the most amazing STEM activities we have ever used in our school. My homeschool students, grades 3-8, found the activities fun and challenging at the same time. The students were able to take charge of their own learning and were so excited about SCIENCE! There is even a music component. I’m so glad they didn’t leave out the “arts.” -Sue Perry Slide "Groovy Lab in a Box provides a great opportunity for all children. They offer a plethora of different boxes to engage many types of learners. What a fantastic way to prove creativity." -D. Lockett Slide "The boxes contain everything you need to complete all of the activities, including a groovy retro-themed lab notebook. When I say everything, I’m not joking! One of the activities for the weather station box called for a dime and several strands of human hair. I kid you not, they were included. The box activities are supplemented with their Beyond…in a Box web portal where your children will find videos, interactives and additional activities. My kids (10, 8, and 7) have been enjoying these kits for years now. Two thumbs up and lots of smiles!" -Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley